Thursday, December 9, 2010

It´s time for a Christmas Smorgasbord

I am logging into real life this evening for the joys of a traditional and overwhelming Christmas Smorgasbord at the exclusive Grand Hotel in my small hometown.

To eat a Swedish smörgåsbord (correct spelling even if I know those extra dots and circles confuse some of you.) there are ways to prepare for such an occasion. The trick seems to be to stretch your stomach to it´s limits during the day before going to the restaurants. This can supposedly be done in many ways, with water, porridge, popcorn and loads of nasty things.

During the meal you are should repeatedly take small breaks to rest a little and drink snaps. It is said that the alcohol helps you digest the food better.

The professional smorgasbord-eaters (the misers and the savers) read up on the day prices of every ingredient and only go though the expensive foods, leaving the breads, egghalves, potatoes, hams, eel, herrings, gravlax, brown, green and red cabbage, Swedish meatballs, "Jansson´s temptation" and small "prince" sausages to the amateurs like myself.

But we all have a great time and eat and drink for hours on end until we roll home after topping it all off with the desserts and sweets.

The next day we don´t even want to look at food or even think about it.

Wish me luck and pray for my survival!

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