Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Concede Defeat

There is now only about an hour left on the poll for or against a ban on circumcision of infant males on my friend and c-blogger Eddi Haskell´s blog Eddi Haskell´s SecondLife.

Unfortunately I must now concede defeat in that poll. I still firmly believe that the procedure should be baned but have through the discussion that has taken place also gotten a better understanding of the emotional, cultural and sociological aspects involved.

Hopefully this understanding will help me in my future work campaigning against the widespread practice. I feel as if I have "lost a battle, but can still win the war for the foreskin" so to speak.


  1. Great answer. You should always fight for what you believe. I truly admire you for that. Have a great day.

  2. Thanks Carl, I hope you have a great day too ;)

  3. As I point out in my blog, this poll is meaningless.

    Bock, if you or I wanted to stack the results (or anyone) all we would have to do is go to a proxy site and generate a new ip address every time we search the web. It is easy. Just put proxy site in search.

    Second, 59 responses is not a sample base large enough to claim this and that about readers of my blog. You would need a much larger sample base, without proxies, to do that.

    This was meant as an informal poll that my readers would be interested in seeing.

    So do not admit defeat. And, as I have said here, keep your message going on an educational level by blogging your message and posting posting messages about the benefits of keeping ones foreskin around the web. Just keep it positive.

    As I have said, I am opposed to any legislation banning this procedure because in my humble opinion, it will simply drive the process underground and will be seen as highly offensive, if not as cultural war, against the 30% of the world's population which has been practicing this as a core religious tenet for hundreds if not thousands of years. But I see arguments and concerns on your side, including yours.

    And yes, this process of blogging has been highly educational to me too, and I now question why anyone who is not religiously motivated or who lives in an area of high AIDS transmission would want to do it, to be honest with you.

  4. Thanks Eddi and I promise I am not drawing any far reaching conclusions from the poll on your blog. As you say 59 responses are not enough of a sample base.

    Now let me make a confession.

    The true reason for this post is that I had this beautiful picture of a penis with foreskin that I had Photofuniad and got this very nice result - I just wanted to use it in a post fast. The results of your poll gave me a handy excuse.

  5. Yep guys that was a great discussion, thanks for picking it up and running with it. No easy answers, and as we know, both cut and uncut are beautiful...
    that said - power to the babies!!
    You guys are the best.

  6. I agree Torro, it was a great discussion and you guys are the best! ;)


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