Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Crashorama

Well, I have now officially had my worst evening in SecondLife since the very early days.

I was going to give you all a show and tell from a gathering of fashionistas and designers for the inauguration of the new KMADD Lounge (SLurl) with the launch of L’Homme, a new style magazine for men.

But alas there will be no report from that event where I rubbed shoulders with SLebrities, nor will you get to see any pictures of the gorgeous redhead I saw at the party because every time I tried to take a picture I CRASHED. And even if I didn't try to take a picture I CRASHED. And then I CRASHED again and CRASHED again and finally I CRASHED one more time. So I gave up went to my home sim, talked a little with my brother in-law Dejerrity and then logged off.


  1. I had problems taking some photos of Sora's new club, the Bluebird today -- SL was unstable, it was hard for me to focus my images. GRRRRR! Sometimes you want to take Second Life and bang its head against the wall - in addition to your own!

  2. "Bang it´s head"? Hell no, I was hoping to be able to kick the shit in it´s balls!

    Totally frustrated by the way it behaved towards moi today, what if it had been someone who didn't love SecondLife as I do?


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