Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Wonderful Bara

Yesterday I - for the first time in a long time- had the possibility to catch a set by my dear buddy Bara Jonson, SecondLife (and first life) singer/songwriter extraordinaire. It was bloody awesome!

Bara has a wonderful warm voice that goes straight into my heart and while there plays on all the strings it can find. Those of us who were there, also got to hear a new song by Bara - which was wonderful even if I have forgotten the title - and the splendid news that Bara, his new co-singer Free (whom I haven´t had a chance to listen to yet but have received excellent reports about) and his band now have a manager in first life.

During my post-set talk with Bara we talked about his family, Nickel and Kris (who are still in the U.S.) and Bara mentioned that they were both coming over to Sweden this summer. He also mentioned that Kris was going to be christened during his visit here and then said "As I have often told Nickel, there is only one person whom I can imagine as Kris´s godfather..."

A few years ago I was in a very small part instrumental in seeing to it that Bara got his ass over to the U.S., where he met up with Nickel in real life, shared some vodka with her and corrupted the beautiful innocent woman so badly with his charm and vodka that nine months later she gave birth to their beautiful son Kristoffer.

I was totally blown away and elated by being asked to perform this honor for my friends, even though I did not admit it at the time. Sadly, I had to tell Bara that "Even the Church of Sweden has a few standards and one is that the godparent belongs to the church and has the faith".

Alas, I no longer fulfill those small requirements so I had to decline with a broken heart - after I had quickly and quietly considered rejoining the church again.

Well Jonas and Elizabeth (Bara´s and Nickel´s first life names), even if I cannot be Kris´s godfather I will do my very best to be his guardian angel and/or partner in crime!


  1. Approved by the Church or not... I am sure you will do a great job as the fun "uncle" :)

    Just remember you have the right to teach the young kid all those things he needs to know his parents cannot see he needs ... ;)

  2. I totally agree with Erestor on both his opinions in this.

    Avery good choice of Bara too.


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