Saturday, February 4, 2012

We Owe Them Gratitude - SEMA 2011

Day in and day out, week after week and all year long they work tirelessly to give the rest of us in the Swedish community in SecondLife, and our International friends, a possibility to meet, chat, dance, listen to music, meditate and have a good time together.

We owe these avatars loads of gratitude and love for doing that!

Apollon Allen, Vira Broome and NE0 Timeless got together and created "The Swedish Event Makers Award" (SEMA). The purpose of the SEMA is to celebrate the creative and committed avatars for their efforts during the past year.

"The only thing wrong with the SEMA", said the Much Honored Bock McMillan, laird of Southern Charm and prince of Cascade Falls in an interview to CNN today, "is that I didn't come up with the damn excellent idea myself. Of course I will be there - and in full colors - to give back a little to all these these wonderful people!"

Ms Gittrika Mint : Proprietor of Måndagsbörsen (The Monday Exchange) where she has a theme party every Monday evening. She also runs Greenroom on Wednesdays for formal dances.
The Monday Exchange (SLurl)

Ms Iendi Laville: Proprietor of La Grenouille Inn where she throws parties with live music and also proprietor of the inworld radio channel "The Swedish Transistor".

Mrs Vampi Twine-DeSantis-McMillan (honorary) and Sergeant at Arms sirhc DeSantis-McMillan (adopted) owners of Club OrmDricka (by the laird and his clan lovingly referred to as OD) where they throw parties - with or without themes - every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.

The Connemara Hills collective: (Mrs. Rultan Zeppelin, Mrs Blanche Argus, Mr. Peppe & Mrs Trulte Firecaster who own and operate Connemara Hills together) The collective has a Celtic evening every month and arranges meditation sessions every Friday.

Princess Midnattsdotter Fride, lovingly referred to as Mid or Fride: owner and operator of the Frides Club & Lounge, where she has events once a week with International DJ:s and Fride Live with International Live Musicians once a month (this was the venue where the laird heard the awesome Strum Diesel the very first time)

Mrs Ewa Aska: Proprietor of Viking land of Birka where the theme is mostly viking, but she also arranges Bollywood parties once in awhile. (Earlier venues have been Vadstena Castle and The Ice Hotel - ahhhh all the great memories I have of that beautiful venue)

Ms Kicki Spingflower : Proprietor of "Club Kicki´s Jetty" where she has tea dances in the mornings and nude parties on Fridays.

Ms Fia Wycliffe: Proprietor of Fia´s Porch Club where she - usually on Fridays - throws parties that are called "Friday cozy ups"

Mr Alfdeejay Cooper: Proprietor of the Avalon Club & Garden Beach and Xanadu Club. At Xanadu Club the theme is usually ´80s or Disco. He also owns and operates the radio channel Alfdeejay Radio around the clock.
AVALON (SLurl) and XANADU (SLurl)

Mr Ix Heron: Proprietor of Euroclub, where he DJ´s himself on the theme Eurovision. .

Ms Jini Shearer: Co-proprietor of the September Rainforest which is a sim filled with romance, beautiful waterfalls and a dance floor in the middle of the jungle (great for dating and marriages)

Be there or be square!
...and for the love of everything that is important to you lets show them all our love and gratitude by having FUN!

What: The SEMA 2011
When Saturday February 4, 2012, 1 PM - 3 PM SLT
Where: Fallen Gods Club (SLurl) (Reopening of the club)
Who: Everyone who wants to see Swedes go crazy is invited
Clothing: Gala/Formal (which means tartan for me)
Host/DJ: Apollon Allen


  1. Thank you for visiting the event and the kind words...i am very happy. we raised almost 40.000 L$

    1. It was a great initiative that you, Vira and Apollon made. So happy I could contribute in some small way NEO. ;)


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