Sunday, June 22, 2014

A New "Names Project" for Second Pride

In response to a question from "someone who wants to be proud of pride" concerning the sad fact that there are no quilts on display this year either, chairman of Second Pride told the bitter truth: "Second Pride does not have control of the AIDS quilts. They are in the inventory of one person/avatar".

That avatar has apparently not come in-world for quite some time, so I am assuming that we can consider the previous memorial quilts as lost and unreachable.

I propose that we start anew. Although I do so without consulting anyone on the Second Pride board, I cannot imagine they will object. The quilts are important for so many of us and surely more than one on the present board.

What I am thinking is that those of us that wish to honor the memory of someone we have lost in the war against the plague creates a memorial quilt, either a new one or by just using a copy of one previously made and send it to the Second Pride Avatar.

The Second Pride avatar is an avatar created, by special dispensation from Linden Lab, for Second Pride mainly for financial purposes, but also to hold all possessions of Second Pride, buildings, landscaping, textures etc, for reuse at future Pride Celebrations.

The special thing about the Second Pride Avatar is that it, with Linden Lab's blessings, can be used by several people that each board decides and is passed from one  board to the next board that follows it.

The important thing here is that we will in the future not be dependent on one individual and whether or not that individual can or will log in.

I am sure it will be too late for this years festival, but we mean to stay on for a while, don't we? What do you guys and girls think? What does the present board think?

I have an old notecard concerning the size, prims and other specifications that I will post here a.s.a.p.

Please wait until we have an all clear for this new "Names Project" before you start sending in your quilts, I am sure none of us will wish to create havoc for the board at this time. They have enough on their hands already.


  1. Bows my head in awe at the power of the pen exercised with great tact by my fellow blogger Bock. Or is the the handsome chiseled Swedish face and those sexy Nordic feet that make him so charming? (Bock is getting ready to retch right now). Thank you someone for your help btw!

    1. *Bock bends over to the side and fakes retching and vomiting*

      Thank you my mentor in blogging, you are going way over the top with your compliments, buddy. Just drop it, I love you anyway ;)


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