Friday, July 4, 2014

Blogiro Ergo Sum

"Man At Work" Photography by Tomais Ashdene
While my Tomais and I were out scouting "things and stuff" for an upcoming super-classified project that I am involving myself in my lover spotted a great set of complete office furniture.

This lead to me buying the office-set and at Tomais wonderful suggestion set it up as a place for me to work on the top floor of the beautiful barn at Southern Charm. We will of course have to install double-glazing before winter comes, but right now it is a wonderfully quiet with a perfectly temperate climate.
The new workplace turned out beautifully and I was extremely pleased. My hubby deserved a huge reward for his great idea, and I made sure to give him one (much to my own enjoyment also - of course).
For the Latin in the post title I refer you to this article Scriptorium;"What’s Latin for ‘blog’? (revised)". I am hoping I understood it correctly, otherwise please feel free to assist me.


  1. My suggestion to reward hubby is to have him arched over the new desk and ravish him until he begs for mercy.

    1. LOL buddy! Pray tell, how do you know that didn't already happen, huh?


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