Wednesday, January 28, 2015

I Don't Drink

I don't drink much alcohol and usually don't like the feeling of being drunk, but today I am making an exception.

As every decent Swede I do have a stash of Swedish snaps in my freezer and I am going through it all, not that it is helping me any - yet. I have already drunk 20 cl and a still not connecting to my feelings - but there is still more in my freezer...

35 cl and counting and still I don't feel shit all...
45 cl and I still don't feel anything. Why can't I feel it? The most important man in my life died and still I don't feel anything at all? He loved me no matter what, why can't  I feel anything?


  1. If you are not used to drinking I would stop right now buddy! Be kind to yourself!

  2. It's part of the process, a kind of internal defense mechanism. You're probably in shock. Please don't beat yourself up over what you do/don't feel; it's important to be kind to yourself, like Apmel above said.

    The emotions will come, in their time, in their way.

  3. Thank you, my friends, for your kind and considerate words. I only tried it the first night and as it didn't help tear down the wall I haven't and will not continue. I will wait for it to come to me and not force it.

    Big hugs!


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