Sunday, January 18, 2015

Second Pride Updates

I have been remiss in my self-imposed obligation to inform you, my dear readers, about what's going on in Second Pride.

In my own defense I would like to point out that due to timezone restrictions I have not been able to attend any of the meetings lately and that the Second Pride website has been down.

The website is now partly up and running again and I have the pleasure of informing you of two things.

Call for Secretary/Co-Chair
There has been a call for candidates for the position of Secretary/Co-Chair and two candidates have put their names forward.
Carson Darkstone
Andre Fyre

Please visit the Co-Chair Candidate Discussion Forum to see and join in the discussion.

General Meeting, Saturday January 24, 2015, at 10 AM SLT
The proposed agenda for this meeting is
1: Call To Order:
2: Department Reports:
    A: Chair
    B: Build:
    C: Events:
    D: Community Relations
    E: Security
    F: Treasurer Report
    G: IT
3: New Business
    A: Set Official Dates for Pride
4: Old Business
5: Board Vacancies
    A: Co-Chair Secretary Election
    B: Call for Elections for IT & Marketing
6: Motion to Adjourn

That sounds like an interesting meeting, doesn't it? And it's at a doable time for me too, so hopefully I will see ya'll there!

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