Saturday, February 7, 2015

Reminder: Celebrate the Life of Avacar Bluestar

Today there is a celebration of the life of Avacar Bluestar. The event begins at 1 PM SLT and features a concert by Phemie Alcott and a dance party with DJ Thorn Andel and host Esme Capello.

The event will be broadcast live on SL Live Radio. To listen in, please paste this link into your land or add to your radio.

Your taxi to the event The Rose Garden at Greymyst Estates II (SLurl).

Avacar and Rico Bluestar's family and friends welcome you all to celebrate the life of Avacar!


  1. Was a wonderful event. Phemie Alcott's singing was perfect and the awesome crowd was good to see.
    Thanks All.

    1. It truly was, Thorn! It was good to be there in memory of Avacar and for Rico and both of the men's families and close friends.

      Phemie was indeed in excellent voice, but so were you, Esme and Eddi! ;)


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