Friday, May 29, 2015

60 Groups for Premium Members

Yesterday my sweetheart told me to look at the bottom in my group tag, and lo and behold I saw that I now have 18 groups free.

Linden Lab has once again heard our supplications and have given us more groups. Last time that happened was in January 2011. When we all got those 42 groups I thought I would never join that many, somehow it happened anyway...

I have learned my lesson well and will now be extremely careful about which groups I join, some groups are simply too spammy.

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  1. turning off notices and group chat for the group, then, when you need it, look at the notice history is a great use for some groups, such as event groups :) great list of all ongoing events when I go out, but I do turn them off so not to get 200 IM notices when offline !


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