Friday, May 29, 2015

The 1920's Berlin Project - 6th Anniversary

Frau Jo Yardley is inviting us all to help celebrate the 6th anniversary of one of the best known and longest lasting projects in SecondLife, The 1920's Berlin Project.

I for one will drop by during the coming week and check it out again. I have been there before a few times and have always enjoyed the friendly atmosphere.

Besides, who knows whom you may stumble across when visiting and enjoying yourself there. It is well known that the venerable Frau Yardley has the attention of Ebbe Linden and probably lots of other important people and residents too. 

Frau Yardley's dedication and hard work on this project should be an inspiration to us all on what can be - and has been - done in our wonderful world.
On May the 30th 2009 I opened the door to a little very basic, noob build bar and let the public in for the first time. The 1920's Berlin Project was born!
Only 3 months after joining Second Life, barely understanding how to glue prims together, I had started something that would soon grow into a vibrant active community of wonderful people.
And there is more to come… But first we need to celebrate the 6th (!) anniversary of our little neighborhood and we’re doing this by organizing 6 days of fun events and inviting everyone to come visit.
You can find 1920's Berlin by clicking this link: Berlin (SLurl) 
We look forward to seeing lots of familiar but also new faces visiting us.
Jo Yardley

Schedule of events:

Friday, May 29
All day:
Open Door Day

On this day everyone is welcome to visit our sim and take a good look around and see more of the sim than you’re usually allowed to see. Several of our tenants will also the doors to their private apartments and an ‘Open House’ sign will show you where you can enter and explore how the people in the city live. 

The regular 1920's dress code is in place but being allowed to have a peek inside normally private residences is a lot of fun.

2:00 PM SLTParty Dinner & Tango evening at the Hotel Adlon

Saturday, May 30
01:00 PM SLTKids’ Pogo Stick race with prizes!
02:00 PM SLT6th Anniversary Dance at the Pariser Platz (At the foot of the Brandenburger Tor) with a show by Fräulein Sonatta Morales and with DJ Myron Byron

Sunday, May 31
11:00 AM SLTTea Dance at the Hotel Adlon
01:00 PM SLTUnveiling of the Community Quilt at the Library
02:00 PM SLTOpening of the Biergarten!

Monday, June 1
02:00 PM SLTOpen Stage at the Biergarten. Simply show up and be brave enough to step up and share your (PG) talent!

Tuesday, June 2
2:00 PM SLTMiss Berlin pageant! Who will be Miss Berlin 1929? Unmarried ladies can sign up by contacting Fräulein Adele Kling.

Wednesday, June 3
All day: Relaxed Rules Day. On this day we forget the 1920's Dress code for 24 hours and welcome all kinds of avatars. So if you are interested in visiting our sim but were not keen on wearing 1920's clothes or just don’t feel comfortable with a human avatar, this is your chance to walk around without our cops coming running after you.

But be warned! We also allow our tenants to ignore all the other rules of the sim and this usually means they will go a little nuts…

More information and up to date news can be found on our Facebook group:

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