Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Early Notice: Pool Party @ Southern Charm

My husband Tomais and I are pleased to invite you to a pool party at our home on Southern Charm on Saturday July 25, 2015, at 1-3 PM SLT. Please book the time!

This event will be on the ground and not in skybox so you will, besides inaugurating the new pool, have the opportunity to roam around the sim and also take a look at the new mansion and the amazing new landscaping around it by Samuel Fallen, Lytton & Fallen.

Entertainment will be provided by The Smith Boys, i.e. DJ Kahvy & host Garrett.

If you are so inclined you will also be able to give a charitable donation to The Ali Forney Center. Please be generous!


  1. Hopefully I will try and make it if I wake up in time :-)

    1. *fingers crossed*
      You could of course also give me all your phone numbers and I will be your personal wake-up caller! ;)

  2. Will you be wearing your sexynew hotpants with the design of the Swedish flag on them to show off your shapely Scandinavian culo and hot thighs at the party? It is information like this that will draw attendance :).

    1. Eddi, my friend, thanks for the wonderful gift of a pair of new hotpants with the design of the Swedish flag on them to show off my shapely Scandinavian culo and hot thighs. They are much appreciated.

      Come and see for yourself what I am wearing at the event, I am not telling...


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