Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Re: Coup Or Not In the GA? (Edit: 2015-07-15) (Update: 2015-07-16)

Today I received a note card from my friend Chade Dagger, the newly appointed Treasurer of the Gay Archipelago, partly rebutting correcting the information in my previous post Bock in SecondLife: Has There Been A Coup In the Gay Archipelago?.


Hi Bock, I have read your blog post and I will be speaking to you when you are ready as a representative of the GA governance team. But first allow me to correct one item on your post. :)
You write:
"According to information from several well informed sources Weylin Vale, the current Lead of GA, announced a meeting on Saturday at 11 PM SLT set to take place only eight hours later on Sunday at 7 AM SLT."
The meeting was announced considerably earlier than that. Because that group generates so many notices and SL only keeps so many I will have to dig out the first announcement, but below I give you the text of rescheduling when Wey remembered the 4th of July in the US (being Australians that celebration is not top of mind for us).
Due to the 4th of July Holiday and having received several messages from Estate owners and potential Summerfest participants, we shall be rescheduling to Sunday the 12th July (time to be announced shortly)
As this is the main Summerfest meeting, we shall be holding an open meeting after we have conducted the member business. This will be our season launch for those interested in sponsoring, volunteering, performing and to showcase this years theme.
Many Thanks
That was posted on the 4th of July so clearly your "well informed" sources are making stuff up to suit their political agenda.

(Edit 2015-07-15) My sincere apologies to everyone concerned for having published incorrect information and my thanks to Chade for supplying me with this correction.

I have today offered Chade and the new Lead team the opportunity to address the information given in my post on the condition that they also address the issue of whether or not it was within the bylaws (if any exist) or in the traditional practices of the GA for the Lead to appoint members to the Lead positions without being vetted by, approved by, voted upon or being elected by the Owners Group.

I will of course also offer the opposition the same opportunity.

Both parties will be given one post each to make their statements.

Update: Myles Capalini On "Suddenness" & More, where you will find that the date of the meeting was announced early, but the time of the meeting was not announced until eight hours (or less) before the meeting.

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