Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Riding On Poultry at Southern Charm

My wonderful husband Tomais has a huge memory bank, contrary to me. I am certain that an objective assessment would show that he has something like 4 GB of memory at his disposal, while I have a mere 15 kB.

It is therefore not at all surprising that he called an old post to my attention the other day, which I had forgotten all about. The post was this one, Bock in SecondLife: The Laird's Challenge for Vehicle Builders.
Tomais reason for reminding me was that he had acquired some rideable poultry and he asked me if I thought they would fit the description. I was sorry to say, that as the poultry he showed me were more like enormous farm animals than mechanical vehicles I could not consider them worthy of the reward.

Nonetheless, Tomais, my brother JJ and I had some fun riding the cocks over to my brother Dej's place to try and give him a scare. As it turned out - and as the creator warns about in a note card - the rezzing of multiple cocks on the same sim creates a fierce lag, so textures didn't come in sufficiently fast for Dej to be scared.
The only one of us who could get things to rez enough to take decent pictures was JJ, so I must thank him for the mementos. 

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