Sunday, April 2, 2017

In My New Tighty Whities

I'm mostly a boxers man, but a couple of days ago my mate Wayne gifted me a pair of wonderful pair of "tighty whities" made by Mind Carlberg. I have hardly spent an hour inworld without wearing them since.

To be quiet honest, I always thought they were called "tidy whities" and they kinda reminded me of all the Falcon Studios gay films from the eighties with blond and sunburned men - nicely manscaped, with clean-shaved balls and asses and clean feet - interacting in the most exhilarating and wonderful ways.
The Urban Dictionary has this to say about tighty whities:
"A synonym for briefs . They are underwear worn for there support purposes, antonym of boxers. The pros of tighty whities are support in gym class and hiding an erection. The disadvantages are that if you are pantsed then your penis will appear smaller, and that they might strangle your penis.

Because of incidents in which prison inmates trousers started to fall down, many teenagers believe baggy pants are cool. Because of that, it became the cool thing to wear boxers instead of old fashioned tighty whities.

Advice if you're going to High School and male. In order to make your life alot easier, wear boxer shorts."


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