Monday, August 3, 2015

My Upgrade to Windows 10 (Updated)

Yesterday I upgraded to Windows 10. The upgrade itself was rather easy and took little over an hour.

All my personal files (pictures and documents) were left undisturbed, but most of my additional tools like Adobe Reader, AVG TuneUp, Chrome, Firestorm, GeForce Experience, Kaspersky Total Security, iTunes, Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, Skype and Quicktime were lost. This was possibly due to those apps being set to a different language (American English) than my computer is (Swedish), it could also be because they weren't - and still aren't (as I found out when I tried to reinstall some of them again (Kaspersky and GeForce Experience) - compatible with Windows 10.

My biggest concern initially was the loss of all my browser bookmarks, however they all miraculously returned to me today, once I had logged into my Google account. With the returning bookmarks I also got all my saved passwords in Chrome back.

I have reinstalled AVG TuneUp, Firestorm, iTunes and Skype, but - as I said above - Kaspersky (solved) and GeForce Experience (solved) don't seem to be compatible with the platform yet.

The only problem I have right now, is that my SLT time app on the blog isn't working in Chrome but is OK in Microsoft Edge... (solved)

Glory hallelujah!


  1. Bock- What is your graphics card? NVIDIA or ATI? Do you know the model number? There are reports of problems with people who use ATI cards. I have not had problems either, but I use NVIDIA and installed Windows 10 drivers.

    1. I am using NVIDIA GeForce 770, I tried installing from the GeForce website yesterday but will try again...

  2. I was prompted to download Windows 10 drivers from Geforce. My monitor would not work in proper resolution without them. If your machine looks like it did before, you might have Windows 10 drivers installed already. If you have a GEFORCE icon on your desktop, just open it and it will prompt you to download Windows 10 drivers. The problems people are having seem to be driver related.

  3. ...and now I have installed GeForce Experience and updated my drivers LOL


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