Friday, October 2, 2015

"The Drama Llama" Is Upbraided CORRECTED

In two post GET TO KNOW TODAY'S GA: Part 1 DICTATORS AND DRAMA LAMAS and GET TO KNOW TODAY’S GA Part 2 (the short version), a member of the current Lead Team of "the benevolent dictatorship" of Gay Archipelago takes me to task concerning my blog posts concerning the events of late in the Gay Archipelago.

I strongly recommend you read it if the matters of Gay Archipelago are of interest for you.

It isn't everyday one is granted such a cute nickname so I am going to celebrate.

Please read my post from October 19, 2015, entitled "Correction".


  1. What a sweet nickname, dear Bock! I'm hoping Tomais will adorn you with the most sumptuous tack avaiable so you can prance in style!
    Get to know Today's GA? Propaganda is always nice, but one only has to watch, look, listen and see, yes?
    Hopefully you are feeling better. I hope to see you soon. XO

  2. Second Life is a fantasy world designed for fun and imagination and all this committee and voting and government type hogwash makes my eyes roll and my stomach overflow into a vomit pool all over the floor.
    Ban this government committee bullshit and let's just have sims to have fun in without rules, voting and regulations that sound like a concentration camp rather than a 3D fantasy world.


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