Monday, March 21, 2016

Mate! Mine!

Well, with that title to this post, I am sure a few of my readers will soon surmise that I have been reading too many gay shifter novels recently. They wouldn't be completely wrong, but not completely right either.

Sure my Tomais has gotten me into reading loads of GayRomLit (Gay Romance Literature) by downloading books from the Kindle Store to my iPad, but it's not only been shifter romances.

No, the title of this blogpost jumped to my mind when I thought of posting this shot that I snapped while I was modelling as a werewolf for my Tomais and listening to him muttering to himself while he was going through a few of his 65,000,000 windlight settings.
"Mate! Mine!" a.k.a. "Hunger"
by snapshooter Bock McMillan 
To occupy myself during these sessions I sometimes like to take my own pendant version of the picture my photographer hubby is working with. This one turned out quite well, so I decided to post it for your enjoyment.

"Mate! Mine!", is what a shifter roars when he sniffs the smell of his fated mate - the one and only, the man the four gods and the universe created for just him. They fulfill each other's needs, wishes and wants.

My Tomais' scent is that of honey and almonds.


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