Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I Was Also Unfriended by Ziggy

"I cleared my friends list of these blood suckers so I could move on and start fresh without hiding as an alt. They just can't seem to get me off their minds the poor little teatsy flies.", said by Ziggy Starsmith on his blogpost today.
Photo by Ziggy Starsmith
It is of course everyone's prerogative to choose whom they they wish to have on their friends list in SecondLife or not.

When someone told me a couple of days ago that Ziggy had trashed them, I checked my own friends list and discovered I had also been trashed, along with my husband Tomais. 

I sent Ziggy an IM, in which I told him that I had seen that he had trashed our friendship and that I was sorry to see him go. I also wished him well for the future. I wouldn't call it "whining", but it seems that Ziggy does.

Of course I would never wish to remain on someones friends list if they consider me to be a whining blood sucker who prevents them from living their SecondLife as they wish. Should anyone ever feel this way about me, I hope they will do as Ziggy and trash our friendship at once.


  1. I for one, consider you a valuable friend, always good for a laugh, an insight, support when needed and most of all an addition to my (second and first, since the two intertwine) life and I hope you feel somewhat the same about me. Anyone missing out on that, frankly, has to chalk it up to 'their loss'. I have not read the blogpost and have no desire to do so. Much like you and Tomais, Garrett and I did not have any altercations once or ever with him prior! to him removing us from our list, despite what he likes others to believe. I think, however, the sum of the experiences different people have with him, tell the true story. People like that, need to learn that jealousy and negative attention seeking, in the end, leads to nothing. It is like using drugs: a quick high and nothing but misery in the aftermath. Some people seem to never be able to move past those quick highs and that is nothing but sad for them. Whilst wishing him all the best in life, now, can we move on and enjoy OUR life with one less negative in it? Lets go Shopping!!! *grin* kisses handsome, love you!

    1. Yes, Kahvy, I do feel the same way about you. You are one of my oldest friends in SL and I hope that our friendship will continue until they shut down the SL-servers in San Francisco. And yes, let's go shopping soooon!

      The rest of your comment I will not respond to, although I understand and respect your need to comment here, because in my mind this post mainly concerns my relationship with Ziggy.

  2. Ziggy, this is between us, you and me. As you mentioned many other names in your comments, I deleted them and am reposting them with the names omitted, except mine and Tomais.

    So here is your first comment, posted at Tue Sep 27, 04:27:00 PM PDT

    "None of them, including the Laird of Southern Charm, have hung with me or spoken with me in person in over 3 months so I simply quietly removed them from my friends list. I wanted to and successfully started over again without killing off my avatar this time.Not an act of war until AAA, crying BBB and others fell to the floor holding their breath and stomped their feet like toddlers. They are well known in the SL gay scene for being crybabies when unfriended. I am surprised at how BBB can possible remember who his friends are with a Black Book the size of his lol.
    Seems when people get partnered on SL their "old" friends get ignored suddenly even if they were the one who introduced the fucking couple in the first place. I am being swarmed with IM's of others also snubbed by your new clique of disgusting, incestuous ass kissers and wondering what got into you. You would be surprised at the others who also feel this way. What happened to Bock and Tomais, the guys I once knew and loved? Now they hang with trash and orgy inducing sluts."

  3. This is Ziggy's second comment, posted Tue Sep 27, 05:29:00 PM PDT

    "Also not once did I ever ever bring these incidents to any social media and never named names until now. It was guilty party's who had ego induced meltdowns when I cleaned my friends list and took it to social media to try and bully and batter me. Just read my blog and see. I bet this gets deleted and censored. I quietly trim mt own private friends list a few people have tantrums. I only hope in my heart of hearts it is because they feel hurt and our good memories together in the past blinded them.
    Being honest I never laughed harder with CCC, DDD, Bock and Tomais in the past but things changed and some trash moved in next door....I want to start again with my SL with a fresh start and fresh friends list rather than kill my Ziggy avatar and be a noob all over again. 5 people I have unfriended have since talked to me with cool heads and we have re-friended with no misunderstandings. To me these are real friends.
    To those who are having hissy fits, look back at the past 3 or 4 months or longer and when did we last hang?
    This is my last word on the subject as I move forward like I always do and leave the bad behind.
    I even saw some posts on FB slagging my ex-partner and Bocks son: EEE. What did he have to do with this?
    Grow a pair guys and look into your heart of hearts.
    Tomais taught me the Blake Sea, you all know how I was influenced by that. Bock and I are historic for flirting heavily a few years ago on our blogs. Unfriending you was not a sudden "drug induced tantrum" but a long time coming before I dare feel strong enough to click the unfriend button. You know me, You know better. Something must have gone wrong. The signs were all there.

  4. So Ziggy, let me try to respond to your two comments.

    I have a weakness for people other think of as "bastards" (and I mean this in the best way possible). I like them for making waves, for being absolute and not giving a damn. I think that is why I have always loved and appreciated you from when we first met.

    Both I and Tomais will always be grateful for your initiative to introduce us to each other. You are an excellent matchmaker and you knew us both well.

    Friendship is a two-way street, and if one does no longer wish to be friends there is no use for the other to insist on it remaining. It hurt me to be summarily removed and that is what I vented in my post.

    You say we have not had contact in several months. As far as I remember we had contact a couple of weeks ago, albeit on Facebook. I would like you to try to recall who has tried to make contact the ten or so last times in SecondLife. By the way, if you have been forced to skulk in your alt to avoid my - and others - unwelcome attention, I think we could just agree that it was high time you removed me from your friends list. As I say in my post, I don't wish to prevent anyone from living the SecondLife they wish.

    Your ramblings about me and Tomais being in a clique and being incestuous i don't understand at all. It is true that lately Tomais and I have kept ourselves to ourselves a lot for various reasons. Anyone that has contacted us has - nonetheless - been welcomed at all times.

    The "incestuous" part I can only think means that someone has completely and utterly misinterpreted the two (2) pictures I have jokingly posted on Facebook where I mention "A Swingers club". The pictures show Tomais, me, my brother and his partner.

    If you for a second believe that I am having sex with anyone other than Tomais in SL you don't really know me at all. Since my first six months in SL, when I screwed anything with a pulse, I have only had sex with two men (or male avatars to be exact), Ars and Tomais. I have never had, nor ever considered having, sex with my brother.

    I have never seen any posts anywhere mentioning the man who used to be my son in SL, so I cannot say anything about them other than we have had nothing to do with each other for a long time now so anyone involving the poor man in mine and your mess are totally out of order.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Well now, hasn't this been an enriching and valuable exchange of views?

      I started out feeling sad and hurt for losing someone I had thought of as a dear friend for many years. However, our exchange has shown that being unfriended was possibly a blessing in disguise, because I would never wish to burden anyone with such a despicable and lying person as myself.

      I most certainly hope you will enjoy the popcorn when the time comes!


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