Friday, September 16, 2016

NakedCarl Turns Middle-Aged

My dear friend and blogging buddy Carl Paneer, best known as Naked Carl, turns six years old in SecondLife today. (Which as you certainly know means he will henceforth be considered as a ripe middle-aged gentleman.)

Carl is celebrating this special event with a party this evening at 10PM SLT at a secret venue (SLurl to the party venue will be provided on Carl's blog at 09.30PM SLT. Click this link)

Clothing is - as one could guess - optional and DJ Ez will supply the musical entertainment.

Unfortunately I will not be able to take part in the celebration as it starts at an ungodly hour for a late-sleeper like myself.

I wish you a very happy rezday, my dear buddy, and hope you have a wonderful party!

P.S. I have sent you a gift from Marketplace, it is called Darius and is of course mesh. It is something every naked man and male avatar needs.

The thing is sometimes hard and at other times soft, sometimes wet and at other times dry, it comes in all colors and shapes, lengths, girths and sizes and you can even change all of it yourself, well in SecondLife you can. I hope you enjoy it!

As we cannot have the most famous nude man of SecondLife running around with a mismatched cock, the gift also includes thirty (30) minutes of quality tinting by the Master of Cock-Tinting in SecondLife, my husband Tomais Ashdene.

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  1. Thank you very much Bock. Have known you a long time and follow your blog every day. Even tough you are a great distance from me you are a very close and dear friend. Hugs and will run into you from time to time.


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