Friday, September 30, 2016

This Is For Petr Hastings Vanbeek

Well Petr, look what I found after having reading your comment to me on Google+.

Do you see what is says at the bottom of the list? There's a blog named "Confessions of a Digital Daddy Bear".

That particular blog is run by a giggly guy - at least when Tasty is logging into SecondLife - named Petr Hastings Vanbeek, i.e you yourself!

Your blog has been on my blogroll since I put it there several years ago.

Sometimes it takes awhile for the blogroll to update, I never understood why, but in those cases you can press the "Show All" in the lower right corner and you will get the complete blogroll, not only the five that were last updated.

So, are we good again, buddy?

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