Saturday, November 19, 2016

Grand Opening "Live's Outlook @ LEA16", Today 12-2 PM

All the awesom picture from Levi's Outlook @ LEA16 are by Dodo Ahanu, see his Flicr photostrea here.
"Hey guys, just to let you know this weekend my Linden endowment of arts Sim is open - its a NON commercial sim I have been working on hard for  four months expressing my outlook on life - this is the landmark, Levi's Outlook @ LEA 16 (SLurl)

From 12 on we have a music party to kick it off  - but feel free to visit on you leisure

Saturday 19 November we have planned 
DJ - .. R E G I   Y I F U ... (regi.yifu) - form 12 pm - 02 pm om sl time

Sunday 20 November we have planned
DJ - Prince Kel Claven-Darling (pkc) form 02 pm - 04 pm sl time"

This is Levi's own description of his massive project

On the Levi’s Outlook on life the sim is divided by  a diagonal gradient from total abstract pixels that flow out of a visualised ‘ fountain'  transforming in to shapes and  letting SL-realism emerge.

On the second abstraction level their is a walk way indicated by arrow - although note perfect it illustrates how i see different ways o view life.
When u arrive indicated with white arrows u start off with the 

the black and white room 
The black and white room to express that i think everything if deducted long enough can be reduced to a yes or no (think a byte in your computer is often either a yes or no) 
the Color add room 
adding 256 shades of red green and blue colours to black and white lays the base for representing textures
The cubistic valley room 
Adding to pixels 2.. shapes>>  lets a cubistic valley pop up
The roundness room (earth view) is a tad to early in the routing, but adds curvature and a totally different perspective on life in to the toolset
Leading on to the Abstract Forrest Room
its just that - relax sit en contemplate

Crossing over and to the left you land in 
the Blue Water garden
An abstract view on water 

Form the blue water garden
Adding nature in the Blue and white garden you being transitioned to sl-realism 
with a North sim side nature overcomes technique display, heading on to the west edge of the sim 

you turn around the sunset building 
proceeding to the south on the surface you pass 
 the Coastal  wetlands leading on to the southwest corner
hope wins over disaster display, the wreckage representing disaster and the floating angel the hope 

Turing around to the diagonal axis building just before the glass house hall at that side 
you find the SUB MARINE entrance
Sub Surface marine water world
Basically this below the water world is a display to express the often hidden values below the surface and also a totally different  view on SL-life

if u do it right you will resurface at the SUNSET build (9) again

this time enter the Sunset build en head on to 

The SIM Centre
The central build of the sim expresses the “diversity in sl "
- the castle representing knights, fantasy, role-play
- the flying saucer representing science fiction
- the little bunnies enjoying living on an island
- the world globe will hold one person at the time representing meditation
the jewel flowers in their baskets representing fantasy

if u cross over to the SOUTH SIM Coast you are being led in to the 
Fantasy REALM
- the mad hatter house 
- the Skywalk 
- the Easter egg tree house
- and the Theater representing fantasy in the real world bridging to the southwest point of the diagonal building (were the SUB surface entrance)

this time visit the Building and Buddies room 
at the Southeast of the diagonal axis
in this room besides some of my finest nano prim builds on display i invited Other builders to take part in the project - to represent their outlook on life

other people around you influence you as well and heaven represent a different influence, inspiration and help you form your view on life as well hence its only fair to include that in the build representing your out look on life

OLOOK2 (SLurl)
on the second level of levi’ s Outlook you can find a collection of buildings the themed builds i have been making true the years of my sl-building representing yet an other collection of thoughts and expressions of levi’s outlook on life

As thoughts are fluent it is only fitting that the sim will poof on the 31 of December
There are no backups made as i like the sim to express this period in time

I hope my outlook on life will inspire you to see how your outlook on life is

Levi and Kit - November 2016

My second life brother Kit an i like to build together, where kit takes the leas in colours textures planing and keeping my rushing out ideas in to a line of thought, and i do all the 3d building-work


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