Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Putin: No Shower With A Gay Man In A Submarine,uk reports: 
The Russian President (...) was speaking to filmmaker Oliver Stone for The Putin Interviews. In a discussion about the military, Stone had asked the leader: "If you’re taking a shower in a submarine with a man and you know he’s gay, do they have a problem with that?"
According to the Daily Beast, Putin responded: "Well, I prefer not to go to shower with him. Why provoke him? But you know, I’m a judo master and a SAMBO master as well."
He added: "I can tell you this, that as head of state today, I believe it’s my duty to uphold traditional values and family values. But why? Because same-sex marriages will not produce any children. God has decided, and we have to care about birth rates in our country. We have to reinforce families. But that doesn’t mean that there should be any persecution against anyone."
Putin is often hostile to Russia’s own LGBT community, signing the country’s ‘gay propaganda’ law back in 2013.
Interesting answer isn't it?

Notice how Vladimir "Little Father" Putin, expects every gay man to want and not be able to resist his luscious and delightful body, how he will be able to deal  with the assault with his athletic prowess in martial arts an combat sports. And he does it all because "God has decided." And to calm us gay and liberal westerners he concludes that this doesn't mean there should be "any persecution against anyone".

The last part sounds extremely fake coming from a man who legislated again "gay propaganda" and doesn't lift a finger or much less does anything else to control his Chechen henchmen in killing, maiming and abusing gay men. 

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