Friday, August 4, 2017

The Devil Made Me Do It! (Possibly NSFW)

I haven't been to a place of ill-repute in forever, but yesterday I got an invitation from my friend Nikolai Warden to visit with him at his place of work at the strip club at Spurt Beach.

If you think Nikolai is waiting tables or tending bar at the place, you would be wrong. He is the cute stripper.
Nikolai had a show going on and there was a huge crowd of two watching him. One of them was the Royal Gardener and squatter Butch Diavolo and the other was Nikolai's beau Ken. A few other guys dropped in and out of the place from time to time during my visit.
WARNING! Only click "Read more" below if you are prepared to see full frontal male avatar nudity.

To encourage Nikolai I tipped him when I got to the place and shouted, "Gurl oooshit, shake that moneymaker for Daddy!"

And Nikolai, as the pro he is, delivered.

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