Friday, May 25, 2018

An Exceptionally Wonderful Man

Butch Diavolo has been a good friend of mine for many years now.

Butch is also a squatter on my homesim and is appointed as the Royal Gardener of the sim. (Although truthfully he hasn't been building or beautifying much (except his own plot) the last year, but he has been busy having a love life and taking care of himself.)

I know Butch as a kind, intelligent, warm hearted, level headed, everso faithful, amusing and highly sarcastic man, who always tries to help out if he is able. The only thing I have found lacking is his lovelife and his - sometimes - worrying choices where men and partners are concerned.

Yesterday I decided to adopt him as a son, and he agreed (Let's see how long that will last...) to defer to me before entering into any future partnerships. Any prospective partner will first be vetted by me - and my swarms of spies all over the Internet and in SecondLife - before being partnered. Linden Lab has been notified of this requirement and have agreed to assist in any way possible.

Fun thing though, through other familial ties of both my sons Butch and Pook, Butch will now be both Pook's brother and his grandmother. SecondLife families are a seriously messed up thing. However, as Pook's "pappa" I shall now be humming this tune to myself:

"For your brother is your grandma,
but your daddy don't know.
Woe, is me, shame and scandal in the family
Woe, is me, shame and scandal in the family"

(For clues to this musical reference please listen to Shawn Elliott in "Shame and Scandal in the Family")

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