Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Memorial for Dejerrity Mycron?

People have been asking me if there will be a memorial for my beloved brother Dej. 

There most certainly will be one! However, I will not host a memorial for my beloved brother without first knowing why, when or how he passed away. 

When I know more I will announce a memorial service, which will be held at his home on the Southern Charm sim. 

Please relay this information to anyone you know who also knew and loved Dej.

I am also contacting Ty Tenk & Truck Meredith to possibly arrange for a plaque in Dej's memory at Mirromere, Calas Galadhon Park Sims. 


  1. As soon as Danny and I get more info from the authorities, and his family (yes we finally got in touch with his brother) I will let you know. However, now that the family is involved, that means Danny and I are not number 1 contacts and we can only now get info when the family wants to share :(

    1. I understand that, Insyx. Please let me know anything you learn, I will be most grateful.

      Big hugs to Danny & to you!

  2. Bock, I will provide the memorial plate to be added at Calas Galadhon as I still have the template (when I made them for Ars, Marcus and Martha). Let me know the data. Still can't believe that Dej is gone ...

    1. Thank you, Bora, it is much appreciated!

      You and I, both, I'm so confused...


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