Sunday, June 3, 2018

SL Blogroll Clean-Up

Today I did a bit of delayed spring-cleaning when it came to my SecondLife blogroll.

The principles for removing blogs on my SecondLife blogroll have been
  1. The blog has been deleted
  2. The blog has not been updated for over a year
  3. The blog doesn't adhere to the principle of mutual reciprocity - "Why in hell should I promote that blog, if they cannot be bothered to link to my blog? Not having a blogroll is no excuse, the same principle applies." (Two exceptions have been made to this rule. One because the blog was recently restarted and the blogger may not have gotten around to adding a blogroll yet and the other because I myself find great entertainment value in it despite it not having a blogroll.)
If you feel you have been unfairly removed, please send a touching letter with your complaints, in triplicate, to 
His Holiness, Pope Francis
Apostolic Palace
00120 Vatican City
Vatican City State

He may care more than I do, he is such a kind and caring man they say....

If you on the other hand, should already have me on your SL blogroll or happen to add me to it, please inform me by dropping a note card on my SL profile or sending me an email and I will be happy to promote your blog in return. 

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