Thursday, December 27, 2018

"Twirl, Baby Twirl", Petr Said

Some of you may remember the post I made of my Christmas pressie from Petr, "Showing Off Petr's Christmas Gift" (url). In the comments, Petr made this request: "Twirl baby twirl. Show us the back side (Evil Grin)"

Not a terribly specific entreaty now is it, except for wishing me to show my backside. Did he want a conventional picture, something artistic or, well, something just from behind? So I am sharing three versions here.

Version 1: "Bock's backside from a distance"
The arrow points to me standing on Tomais' platform.

Version 2: "Le Bock au coucher du soleil"
This one shows me in an artisique pose against the setting sun. The displacement is supposed to make you aware of our peripheral existence in the void of the vast and vacuous universe.

Finally, version 3, "Boringly Conventional"
This one shows "the crack and the strap", just like I believe Petr may have wanted it.

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