Sunday, January 22, 2012

My Busy Saturday

In hindsight it was a great Saturday evening and Sunday morning, even with all my crashes and the strange weekend shit happening. So what was it I did, lets see if I can recall it all...?

First I went to look at some new hair to party in. My brother in-law D R E Y (a.k.a BIL) had dropped a landmark on me last we spoke. It was a beautiful shop with some great hair, I will look up the name when I get back in SecondLife and add it here. B-something that rhymes with barley if I remember correctly...Aah got it! Burley (SLurl) was the name! (No picture yet!)

With my new hair down I went back home to pack a gift for Eddi Haskell for his fifth rezday. What does one give to a man who has been around forever and probably has everything he ever wanted to have? 

Well I think I finally found a good gift when I decided to give him one of the beautiful jars made by Second Renoir, the Swedish first and second life artist. I love those jars, and have almost all of them myself.

While I was gift wrapping the jar I talked a little with my in-house (or on-sim) brother in-law Dejerrity. It is always good to check in with him. he makes me feel warm, safe and happy.

Happy with having the gift decided and packed I dropped in at Mid´s Super Fride Party with DJ Gwenni. The set looked really true to the original, but after a while it got to be a bit too overwhelming and it was quite difficult to make out the other avatars among everything that was going on there.
Super Fride
While i was listening to the great selection of music played for us by the amazing DJ Gwenni, who was a new acquaintance for me, I got a surprise call from my darling brother Martial.Eisenhart, who had been missing for awhile. It was so good talking with him again! As always we talked about everything between heaven and earth and all at the same time. His mind works nearly as mine, but he is a sweeter, kinder and much less judgmental version of myself. 

When Martial had dozed off I got the call that Eddi´s party at Tadd's Cabaret had started, so I quickly changed into something stylish to fit in with the crowd at one of Eddi´s parties. (Black suit with a black t-shirt showing off my chest hair.) The place was full when I got there and filled up even more while I was there. 

Somewhere in between this I got the chance to stand up for my dear friend Zigadena Gabardini, who was - for no rational reason at all - being clobbered at by the extraterrestrial hag from InWorldz in the comments on another blog.

I found a safe spot close to the hunky host Scott and started flirting wildly with him, although I don´t think he noticed much. The only man that ever understood when I was flirting was my Ars. He told me once, that I should drop all the subtleties because people are so busy with everything else going on. To which I answered, "Do you  suggest I tell them in local chat that we should leave and go fuck?". He laughed when I promptly sent him an IM saying exactly that. But what the hell, all my flirting is only for fun still, I have no intentions whatsoever of following up on them, perhaps the guys sense that somehow.

While I was busy with that, lo and behold, I suddenly saw my name called in local chat. It was my buddy, the studly Ziggy Starsmith that had arrived to the party. He looked grey, sultry and sexy as all the others at the party, except for the hunky Scott. 

I tried all my tricks to get the world to rez, pulling down draw distance and changing the group tag, but nothing worked. And then SecondLife kicked me out.

When I tried to log back in I almost made it three times but was kicked out again with the message "The system has logged you out because you are trying to log in from another location"? Interesting message and it was the first time ever I got it - after five years in SecondLife. I don´t understand what it means though.

Finally I gave up going back to the party and went back home instead, which worked fine. Soon after I got back on I got an IM from Ziggy asking if he could come over for a visit and take a look at Southern Charm. I was absolutely delighted to invite him over.

Ziggy came over and looked excellent this time. I gave him the grand tour of the sim - both the house and the grounds - and we had a good time talking about ourselves and our lives (both of them). After about an hour Ziggy´s new man, Holter, logged in when he got home from work in first life and was called over. At that point my darn computer and SecondLife started screwing with me again and kicked me out and started giving me the same strange messages when I attempted to log in again.

When I at last succeeded to get inworld again it was 7 am in my first life and I was starting to fall asleep over my key board so I had to make my excuses soon afterwards to go to bed and catch some sleep..


  1. Nice to know what you are up to buddy :)


  2. Haha and there are actually things I did not include for fear that the post would be toooooo long!

    Hugs Asocioapmel! ;)

  3. You are my knight! and you shine as bright as the venus star does in the North:)
    Thanks for that comment, was a bit down due to RL things so it came in the right momento for sure!

    THANKS!Dear dear Bock

    1. Anytime, dearest Ziga, you have always been there for me when I needed it!


  4. I had a wonderful time Bock and your home was beautiful. Holter loved it too from camming around hehe
    Now your turn to come visit. I promise there are no sex dungeons, bongs or torture racks ;-)

    1. You are just trying to scare me from paying a return visit, Ziggy?

      By telling me what isn´t there you only got me all worried and fussed up imagining what could actually be there... ;)

  5. Do not fear Bock lol. You will find sand, water, lots of raw nature, tons of animals and a huge LA beach house lmao

    1. Sounds wonderful, Ziggy, I am looking forward to visiting now. Although sex dungeons, bongs and torture racks sounded pretty interesting also, but in that case I would have settled for good pictures ;)


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