Sunday, March 24, 2013

Knocked Out by the 4th Flu

Sweden has had four different flu-strains this winter which have been wrecking havoc among the population. I have already gone through three of them and was hoping that i would be lucky enough to avoid the fourth one.

Not so, while I was setting my auto-response message on my email at work on Friday - as I am taking a vacation until the Easter holidays - I felt my throat going all sore, the fever mounting in my delicious body and aches starting absolutely everywhere in my body, from head to feet and effecting every organ in between.

I managed to drop in at Benja's and Ryce's wedding yesterday and stay for a short while during the reception afterwards but then I was completely exhausted and had to crash into bed. '

I am blaming the weakness of my immune system on Philip Linden for the shocking news that he has deserted me into the hands of people I do not know or trust, with the possible exception of Mitch Kapor..

There will be no posts for a while until I feel much better! Take care all my darlings  and hope to see you soon!


  1. Take the time to get better Bock (hugs)
    Thank you for the delicious picture of Phil. ;-)

  2. First of all Philip looks hotter in person. He spoke at our company a few years ago. He is fit, and has great eyes.

    Bock, this is what works for -- eat food with alot of garlic in it, tons. Drives the viruses away. Also hot soup and tons of sleep (Vicks NyQuil worked really good) took care of a bad cold or flu for me this year which lasted about 10 days. And this is the week after I had my first flu shot in my life!

    Feel better, and I am glad you were able to make Benja and My (as Ryce's) wedding. One guest actually asked me questions about you-- wanted to know who the handsome guy was! I told him to talk to ya.

  3. I was out for weeks. Firat one and then one of the other. I do not blame Philip but SL need a new visionary.
    Stay in bed. Drink lots of water. Rest.

    1. Just between the two of us Anna, I was overdoing Philips role in this just a little ;)

  4. My God the things I would do to Phil Linden if given just 15 minutes alone in a sauna. mmmm woof.

  5. Thanks for your good thoughts. I am sure it was helpful in some way for my speedy recovery!


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