Saturday, January 7, 2012

D R E Y Is Back

My darling brother in-law D R E Y (the spaces are important and make him look younger, he hasn't said so but it´s what I suspect).

As always when my BIL comes back from a hiatus he has made a complete makeover and is now a stunning blond with a skin he will have to take care with in the permanent sunshine of our world.

It was late (or early) in my first life but we do not meet that often so when the occasion arose we just had to meet and talk a little, it happened to be at Fabrice´s memorial site because I was there when he came inworld.

I love my BIL, it was good to see and talk with him again.

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  1. Awww <3 you too BIL, and those are lovely pictures! Ok now some background about the screen name D R E Y:

    a) blondeness: paying homage to 4 of my beloved friends in SL, all blondes BUT you tops that list.

    b) 'd r e y ' with spaces: blame it on Dmitri (Juran) and Ciroc (Jennings). Dim started calling me 'drey' back in 2007, Cir did that after a few months we had first met. Dim left SL at the end of 2008, Cir is now taking a SL break.



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