Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sweet Memories (Updated)

Drizz, I and Ars (Photo by Drizz McMillan) 
All of my gestures got deactivated recently - some would say "Thank God" and Ars would have been one of them - but due to that unfortunate happening I struck gold in my Inventory today.

Looking for a gesture I got from Mr and Mrs Twine-DeSantis-McMillan (sirhc and Vampi, to those of us who love them) I typed in "bock2" in the search field of my Inventory and lo and behold, not only did the missing gesture turn up but these three pictures also. They were taken way back on July 26, 2007.

In the pictures you see me as a brunette with my cousin Drizz McMillan with the Mohawk and my sweet Ars. Unfortunately I was not given them with full rights, so I had to use my snipping tool to copy them.

That brown hair was my first SecondLife hair ever, I still remember how good I thought I looked and how happy I was for it.

At this point in time Ars was of course not "my Ars" yet, that wouldn't be until a few months later, but I was already madly infatuated with him and had started stalking him to all his Euro-sets. I never thought I would have a chance with him though, because he was always surrounded by hordes and droves of stunning looking guys.

As you most likely can see, it wasn't for his looks that I chose him (they improved over time though, as we all did), but for his warm, kind and loving personality, his jawline, his wonderful voice and his happy, mad, wild and  contagious laughter. All the bling he is wearing makes me suspect he had dressed up for some bling-bling theme at a club. He usually never wore that much jewelry.

It shames me to admit, that I - possibly - finally got Ars full attention through both my persistence and with a little guile and deceit.

My powers of observation have never been strong. One day ElenaSanoraly Milena told me that Ars was pissed because he had a new skin for a week and no one seemed to notice or comment about it. That evening at the Sarco Sound Grounds I asked in local chat - in my most innocent way, "There is something different about you lately, Ars. I cannot put my finger on it. Did you get a new skin?". Ars was elated when everyone started complimenting him on his great choice.

From then on. I was always very observant of any slight changes in my babe´s appearances, because it always made him so happy when I noticed.
I and Drizz (Photo by Drizz McMillan)
Drizz and I (Photo by Drizz McMillan) 


  1. Den Bock skulle jag aldrig känt igen..

  2. Nope, neither would I have recognized myself if I had not been there!

    This was from the period in my SecondLife when I wanted to look like a hot, brunette with a California Tan. After a while I realized that I did not feel comfortable in that avatar and started slowly migrating towards lighter hair and paler skin until I found "myself" ;)


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