Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rewriting the Rules

NEO is the blond dude sitting
Ars and I had many things in common. One of them was our deep love for SecondLife.

Although I have lately gotten (un)friendly suggestions that I should perhaps consider emigrating to another world, I have no plans to do so  - ever. The other worlds hold no fascination for me, as they only seem to be cheaper knockoffs of SecondLife.

Today NE0 Timeless has a post where he shows us two parts from a documentary called "Digital Nation".

NEO tells us it makes him proud to be a SecondLife user. Well, I am as proud as you are, NEO!

Watch the two videos on NEO´s blog "Free Your Mind", "Digital Nation, parts 6 and 7 - SecondLife (url).

Oh, and after seeing those videos. no one will ever be able to tell me that Philip Rosedale (a.k.a. Philip Linden in SecondLife) has ever lost faith in his creation. I love that man again, purely, simply and platonically! 

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