Thursday, January 19, 2012


Lately I have been receiving an abundance of spam email from Russia or Ukraine. Whenever I open my email I get three or four of these.

They all - more or less - look like this. (Snipped from my preview in Outlook)
The worst part is that most of them are supposedly coming from g-i-r-l-s who all covet my oh so hot body and wonderful personality.

I would really appreciate it if the spammers targeted me with more suitable mail.


  1. haha bock i get them too! i just block them and get new ones the next day.. block them and so on it does stop eventually...

  2. Is that a promise, Vampi? ´cause I feel like I have been doing just that for a while now...

    Well, somehow the Viagra-spam finally stopped coming, so I´ll trust you on this. When first I got them I got rather paranoid though, as they always claimed "I am now in your town", "I am right across from you" and "I am in your building" (which was the scariest one to date)


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