Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Comfortable In One's Avatar

Many in SecondLife find it both rewarding and pleasing to constantly play with their avatars appearances, I am quite the opposite. I have an urge - a basic need - to find an appearance that I feel comfortable in. Once I have found it, I only make minor adjustments, like getting a new haircut, from time to time.

After the first two years of experimentation I had found a look I was comfortable in for five wonderul years, And then came The Mesh Revolution and the ground opened up beneath me and I was thrown into the bottomless pit of doubt. I started out kicking and screaming and denying I wanted anything to do with mesh - ever!

Why should I change my body to fit into mesh-clothes? "Clothes should fit people not the other way around!"

Well, I was convinced about the benefits of mesh-clothing by a friend I had at the time. Then came the mesh-bodies and heads and everything other mesh, and then on top of all that Bento... *sigh* *vomit*  *weep* *kick* *scream* *yell*
"l e g s" by JJ Goodman
The mesh revolution in SecondLife has really been overwhelming, challenging and difficult for me, despite a bit of fun along the way. I have tried out mesh-bodies, mesh-heads, faces, hands and other appendages (Yes, I do mean mesh-dicks!). Some were awful (like my TMP head & face) others have felt better, but still not quite like me - or rather how I want to project myself - until just about a week ago.

With a new face, new eyes, new eyebrows a semi-new haircut and a bit of fiddling with the settings of my Signature Gianni mesh-body (under the helpful and supportive supervision of my brother JJ Goodman) it finally came together.

I am finally comfortable in my avatars appearance again, and you will probably not see any major changes for the next couple of years. Hopefully there is no new revolution for awhile at least!


  1. You always have and always will look stunning but this is very much you.

    1. *smooches* Yes, I feel "at home" in this new appearance. Soooo wonderful!


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