Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Whats Happening in Second Pride?

I do not fully understand what is going on within the Second Pride organization at the moment, but hopefully things will be cleared up in the near future.

Anyway, the latest notice in the Second Pride Festival Group and it's attached note card increases my confusion instead of alleviating it.

The note card is from Karl Kalchek, who in the absence of a Community Relations director on the board was asked by the board to head the Election Committee for the 2016 election. It reads as follows:
"Greetings members. 
Following our general meeting in August, a call for candidates to run for the open seats on Second Pride's Board for 2016-2017 was announced. At that board meeting I volunteered to serve to run the election as a past elections chair. The call was posted for 10 days in August after which the election would take place.
One candidate volunteered for Events Director. That candidate is Devon Zepp and we thank him for stepping forward to fill this very important position. We did not get contesting candidates for that position nor any candidates for the other open positions leaving the posts of Treasurer, IT Director, Marketing Director and Community Relations Director vacant. Because it is critical we have a Treasurer, the current treasurer Marge Beaumont has kindly volunteered to continue in this role until another Treasurer with accounting experience can be found to take her place and complete this term.
In view of this, I recommended to the Chair that Devon Zepp Be recognized as Events Director, that Marge Beaumont be recognized as continuing Treasurer, and that they join the rest of the board who are serving the remainder of their two year terms. additionally, I recommended that a general meeting be called at which the new board be recognized and installed, and that as soon as practical, that a second meeting be announced in which the board call for candidates for the remaining open board positions.

Karl Kalchek, past board member"

Let me be completely clear. I welcome the candidacy of Devon Zepp and trust and hope that he will make a good addition to the board of directors. I also love, trust and adore Marge "The Tiger" Beaumont and welcome her back to the board again and am certain she will fulfill her duties flawlessly, as always. Karl Kalchek is an old friend whose judgement I trust.

My confusion centers around the question whether the suggested moves are meant to completely supplant the elections for 2016?

Although I recognize that Second Pride is far from the most important, powerful or influential organisation in the world, maybe not even in SecondLife... it still has an existing set of bylaws. Bylaws are in place to regulate how, when and by whom things are done in an organisation with a membership that elects a board to administer the organisation so that all members don't have to be called to meetings all the time to decide small or larger matters. It's about transparency.

Even if I have always thought that Second Pride's bylaws seem to intricate and complicated and "weighty" for such a fairly innocuous organisation, in my mind they should first be amended radically before disregarding them completely.

I would gladly entertain the suggestion of a set of new bylaws allowing the board to accept candidates to the board as they come along, especially if there is only one candidate for the post, and also without such strict election rules. Hell, to be quite honest, I would welcome all changes just to see Second Pride survive in any way, shape or form.

The only thing I ask is that changes are made in an orderly fashion and with the acceptance of the membership. Communicate with the membership!

Maybe some clarity and explanation will come at the promised upcoming Annual Meeting, which is to be announced shortly according to the notice.


  1. Honestly, in my little humble opinion, right now, I think the bylaws of this organization is the least of their problems. Bylaws and elections are all very nice but if nobody (and I include myself in that list of nobodies, specially after last years attacks by certain bloggers, if I was toying with the idea of volunteering, last year sure made it crystal clear to me why that is a BAD idea, I lack the stomach and personality to deal with that kind of unwarranted and petty attacks and are therefor hugely unfit to fulfill any kind of 'public' function in the Gay Second Life Community, regardless of skill, education and experience...) wants to actually do the undoubtedly very fulfilling job that does expose one to a fair amount of drama and hate-mongers out there, as history shows and many ex-board members would have to acknowledge, I think bylaws, elections and all other matters of transparency are just not a first priority here. Lets not forget, it's an online event done in an online platform by people with RL jobs and commitments. I am sure they disregard the bylaws and procedure by sheer necessity. The reality of this note is: there is nobody. We can't uphold bylaws, because there is, nobody. All we can do is be grateful Marge and Devon want to volunteer, and the bylaws? Well maybe, when there's actually something or someone to govern with them but until that happens? All they can do is swim, and hope they stay afloat! I love Second Pride. I would love nothing more then a world where SP, BT Pride, London Pride, Fantasy Pride, GA Summerfest and so on, join forces, forget differences and ego's and make one big huge festival for the community... but you know... I also like to dream about unicorns, rainbows and princes on white horses ( my prince rides a brown one, I am devastated! X-)). Right now it's nothing short of a miracle they are still alive, due to the dedication and hard work of a handful of people that, when asked, give all the transparency needed to those that care, but in reality, should be left to do their task at hand unless someone is willing to step up and take over and/or amend. So, here's to hoping old days of 'glory' will rise again for Second Pride ( I do hope so, pride is, and always has been, one of my favorite events and I have nothing but respect and gratitude towards those that do and did organize this event) and we can have revisited bylaws, votes and elections and a need for bylaws in the first place... Till then, lets allow those that still want to row to keep the boat moving and not worry about procedure... Procedure is only relevant when there's actually something to apply it to. Lest be: big shout out to Marge and Devon, here's to hoping we'll have an awesome festival next year, one I will, if granted the opportunity, gladly be a part of as an entertainer and will put my very best effort towards. I, for one, think Karl made the right decision in not allowing the bylaws be the stone around Pride's Neck for the time being.

    1. Thanks for your comment, Kahvy.
      Actually, I agree with almost everything you write.

      I knew there was a possibility my intentions would be misunderstood and did everything I could to try to avoid that, apparently I was not clear enough.

      My main wish is that SP survives, whatever means it takes, because I see a great need for a non-club or landowner related organisation for LGBT in SecondLife.

      I also think the board needs to communicate better with the members about the difficulties it is facing and that we rid to get rid of those ridiculously rigid and complicated bylaws.

      I am truly very grateful to those who have given time and energy to be part of the board of SP, and trust all to work for the community to the best of their abilities.

      Hopefully the board will come up with suggestions on how to move forward and to get past these difficult times. I will always do anything and everything with in my means to support SP.

  2. I could not agree with you more on this: "I also think the board needs to communicate better with the members about the difficulties it is facing and that we rid to get rid of those ridiculously rigid and complicated bylaws.". On both parts. I do agree communications need to be better, for them, the people devoting their time and energy to it, more then anyone else. People need to understand how much they put into it.


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