Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Things Friends Do (Update)

I just had an exchange on Facebook that left me a bit confused afterwards.

There is also this corroborating thing, that I have always had a problem with sarcasm and irony. (Some say it is because I lack a sense of humor and always take things too seriously and at face value.)

Anyhow, during the exchange the name of the only person I have blocked in SecondLife and on Facebook was dropped into the conversation by the person whom I think of as a friend.

I am not yet certain of why and for what reason really, but right now I have a nagging feeling it was done deliberately and only to hurt me. But I don't understand why this particular person would want to do that. I was also too surprised to confront him at the time.

I'll have to think more about this, it may be just me being silly and hypersensitive. There, now I can get back to trying to sleep.

Update the next morning (local time)
After sleeping on it - which I should have done before posting, I know - I've reached the conclusion that I (due to totally unrelated events) was being oversensitive and read things into it that may not have been there as far as the other party was concerned. I would delete the post if I had not promised myself never to do that.

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