Saturday, December 31, 2016


I will not miss you, 2016, you were a horrendous and worthless year with only a few redeeming qualities. 
I will not delve into all shit you caused, but I will drop a few names. Donald J. Trump, Vladimir "Little Father" Putin, Bashar Al-Assad, Julian Assange and, last but not least, Aleppo.

Among the few redeeming factors were Tomais, Dej, JJ, Pook, Kevin (previously known as Knox) and the Smith Boys, Kahvy and Garrett. I must also add Ebbe Linden and Bento and the welcome extra prims.

Let us all hope - and join forces - to fight for a better 2017!


  1. awww we love you too :) ♥♥ and yes 2016 sucked. I count you in 2007 though :P still!

    1. LOL Yeah I count you as a product of 2007 also ♥♥♥


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