Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Southern Belle

As you all may know already, my husband Tomais is an avid collector of SecondLife machinery and vehicles of all and any kind. I wouldn't go so far as to call it an addiction - yet, but...
Happy Tomais
Anyway! Two and a half years ago we visited the wharves of the Bandit store and saw that Analyse Dean was building a ginormous riverboat. Tomais at once said "I want it!" and I, in a moment of codependency and weakness, told him I would get it for him as a present.
Nice ass!
When I checked in with the creator Anneliese for information on when the boat would be released, she said it might happen after that summer. Well that was two years ago, and Tomais has been taking regular trips to the wharf to check on how things were proceeding.

For a long time nothing happened, but then finally, about a week ago, Tomais told me that the boat was now released and that he was going to buy it. I reminded him of my promise and told him i would reimburse him when I got inworld, because he told me he simply couldn't wait for me to get there to buy it. (Addict much, eh?)
The beauty herself
Tomais has been happy as a ten y.o. with his new toy since he got hit. Learning how to work it and re-texturing it to suit his purposes.
I am the proud portmaster of the boats home port
I have enjoyed a couple of trips on The Southern Belle also, despite the fact that the captain makes me work my way over the Blake Sea (there is no Mississippi river in SecondLife), mostly in unsuitable gear.
My preferred manner of travelling
My actual manner of travelling


  1. See here's what I don't get, you have a bunch of minions around you and living with you and dancing with you and so on and so on... why are THEY not shoveling coal, while Garrett dances about in a antebellum Hoop Gown ....

    What are Friends for! when out on the river boat:

    [14:22] Kahvy Smith (kahvy.sands): when Garrett comes back he will be our Mississippi miss ;)
    [14:22] Lee McKay: Mississippi mess
    [14:22] Tomais Ashdene: We can put him in one of those big antebellum hoop gowns ;-)

    Garrett Smith: buttholes the lot of you

    1. LOL I am amazed that you don't understand that I, despite all my pretended whining, actually love being alone with my hubby, even if I have to do menial work. Honestly, I would never consider letting anyone - especially someone with such a striking ass as Garrett - to be alone with my husband on the riverboat. Never ever, you hear me?


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