Saturday, July 7, 2018

Did You Know..?


  1. Does this have something to do with Sweden's loss to in the World Cup quarterfinals today? GO ENGLAND!

    1. Pffffft, do I seem like a football-freak to you, buddy? (I actually didn't know about the loss until today, simply not interested.)

    2. You should have watched for the eye candy. The hot athletes on the Swedish team and their sexy fans were fun to watch. As headlines in the UK sum it up:
      The Sun (July 5): They’re tall, slim, blonde and sex mad… the science of why Swedish people are the sexiest in the world
      The Telegraph (July 7): (Sweden's World Cup) fans, who range from the very good-looking all the way up to the extremely ridiculously good-looking.
      (My note - this is in comparison to the English fans who look act like a bunch of loutish overweight racist slob barbarians who will riot for any reason at international sporting events).

    3. Ahh man watching, is always fun even when they play football - or watch it! ;)

      I'm not quite sure I would agree with the British papers assessment, but it is very kind of them (and you) to say so.


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