Monday, July 9, 2018


Mind Carlberg has a new art project named XX/XY and invites everyone to participate.
"Named like that because they look like the letters, these two chromosomes determine our gender. A famous french writer, Simone de Beauvoir, once said: “You’re not born a woman, you become a woman.” What if we mixed up all the dolls and firetrucks in the world? What if we played together with these two magic letters ?

- Ladies, find YOUR OWN WAY to look/to feel ultra-masculine.
- Gentlemen, find YOUR OWN WAY to look/to feel ultra-feminine.

The pic can be funny, of course, but this is not only about wearing makeup or a mustache. It can be more subtle, more surprising, more intimate, it can be absurd, it can be shocking, it can be conceptual… find YOUR OWN WAY.

& JOIN PICS'TRAP (SL Group, my remark)
THE BURIED MAN Love Land (SLurl)"
Mind posts the contributions he likes best to his Flickr photostream: Mind Carlberg - Flickr

The picture in this post is one of my contributions to the project, you can see the other two on my Flickr photostream (NSFW). 

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