Monday, July 9, 2018

Memorial for Dej

I have been in low spirits ever since I got the sad news about my sweet brother Dej, especially as the circumstances surrounding his demise were unclear (the cause and the time of death).

I kept imagining him lying in his apartment and dying all by himself without being able to call attention to his situation. I hope his passing was swift and that he was unconscious through it, but kept imagining other horrendous scenarios.

Anyhow, a few days ago I pulled myself together and gathered up the courage to make a telephone call to one of Dej's brothers in first life in the hope of getting further information. I found his telephone number on the Internet.

The brother, Andy, was very kind (he had heard about me from Dej) and sounded strikingly similar to Dej. Andy verified all the information we have received so far about Dej's passing and the circumstances as far as they are known now. He also informed me that there was an ongoing enquiry and that the family has not been given any further information so far. The authorities were awaiting results from the many tests that had been performed. He believed that the results would not be forthcoming for several weeks yet. He promised to inform me when he was informed and we exchanged email-addresses.

I have come to the conclusion that the memorial for Mike/Dej cannot wait for the results. There will therefore be a memorial gathering at Dej's Place on Sunday July 15th, 2018, at 3 PM SLT.

Suggested clothing: Boardshorts/shorts and sandals/barefeet. That was Dej's prefered clothing when he was entertaining at home.

If you should not be able to come at that time you can go there from now until August 31st, 2018. I have prepared a memorial spot in the woods behind Dej's house. Here is your landmark, Rosewood Manor (Dej's Place) SLurl.

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