Tuesday, September 18, 2018

More Sad News

I hadn't been on Facebook for a couple of days and when I logged in today there were two sad messages waiting, from Asta and Ezzie, both informing me that Carl Paneer - in SecondLife better known as NakedCarl - had passed away on Sunday, September 16, 2018.
"NakedCarl" by Carl Paneer himself
In first life, Carl leaves behind a big family with a daughter, four sons and tons of grandchildren. By his side was also his best friend, the mother of his children.

Carl was a friend of mine and a fellow blogger. We used to join forces during the Second Pride festival each year. He was always more ambitious than I and tried his best to cover every event, I was more laid-back and covered the events I wanted to visit.

We were not close friends, but we had a good friendly relationship. Carl was a sweet soul who - although a bit quiet - always seemed to overflow with kindness and good humor towards everyone who came in contact with him.

I will always remember Carl with great fondness, and I will miss him very much.

Rest in the peace of the Universe, Carl.


  1. awww so sad. I remember him as avery prolific photographer who enjoyed capturing various events. RIP

  2. Bock,may I express my sadness and condolences at Carl's passing.A great loss to all.

  3. I am so sad, he was a great guy, my sincere condolences.


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