Sunday, September 23, 2018

The Memorial of NakedCarl Paneer

"Let anyone who says anything negative about Second Life be answered with "Yes, but you did not know NakedCarl Paneer." And may all of us hope that all virtual world's in the future be fortunate enough to have their own NakedCarl to let sunlight shine in all parts of the electronic universe." (Ryce Skytower at NakedCarl's memorial service, 9/22/2018)
HerrDirektor & Kharissa Indigo
Ezzie Mirabella
Evan Greymyst
Late arrival with initials S.H.
Ryce Skytower, who - shockingly - came
out as being an alt of Eddi Haskell
Markarius Viper
King Brian of Volkort
The fittingly naked dance at the
celebration of life party after the service 

Carl Gee, in SecondLife a.k.a. NakedCarl Paneer

★ February, 1935 (First life)
★ September 16, 2010 (SecondLife)

 September 16, 2018 (both lives)

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  1. Thank you for posting this for Ryce (and myself). Carl was a one of a kind person --- he was so well liked by everyone who knew him-- it is so sad whenever someone good leaves us here.


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