Sunday, January 6, 2019

Apmel, My Bodhisattva!

Apmel Goosson, my house god for many years, in a post on his blog today (url) came out with the shocking revelation that he is not God.
This appalling disclosure at first completely shattered all my illusions and the world as I know it became a dark and scary place. That is until I figured out what had happened!

My Apmel has, of course, attained the blessed state of Nirvana and is freed from the eternal cycle of reincarnation to move on to the afterlife, but on the threshold, he looked back at the suffering humanity and in his compassion decided to stay with us to help us in achieving enlightenment. 

Apmel has become my Bodhisattva, he is the one who will help me free myself from eternal desire and suffering.


  1. Haha, I had to google Bodhisattva = “A being set upon enlightenment”. I can live with that!

    1. See, you can learn something new every day! Isn't life just thrilling and fascinating?


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