Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Rhino Writers Broadcasting Party

SL Live Radio broadcast party at the Rhino Writers pavilion at SL10B can only be characterized as a thundering success.

DJ's Johny Alderton and Heloq Tomsen kept all of us in an excellent mood with their music and chat. The crowd was lively and and in excellent spirits so we all had a good time. Among other things I learned that Heloq is from Italy and that his name is pronounced "Ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh-elo-kkkk".
Butch, myself & Guyke
From a strictly personal point of view there were a few added benefits and some drawbacks, which I will list for you here (What is it with me and lists these days, this must be the tenth in just a few days..?)


  1. I got to meet Dodo, my most dedicated reader (which was proven by the fact that he was the only one who had read my post on saggy pants)
  2. Vampi Twine-DeSantis-McMillan-McMillan (honorary) was there, I had not met her in a long time.
  3. Bastien Berboral kindly shared a few  landmarks to shops I had never heard of after showing me pics of their awesome clothing lines.


  1. My son told me that, "Face lights are so 80's!" (I am so not going to share my new landmarks with him.)
  2. My friend Butch told me that my beautiful skin is "OLD!". If I had newer skin I would not need face lights, was his reasoning.

Well I guess that's what you have family and friends for, to tell you the awful truth when you need to hear it. The only problems are that I feel ugly without the face light - as the old-timer that I am - and I love my skin. Oh well, maybe I do need to update my appearances, but it will be a struggle.... 


  1. I could not make it thee. Great that you covered it. Have been wondering how it went. Take care and have a great day

    1. Too bad, Carl buddy, I am sure you would have enjoyed it!

  2. Alternatively : He-loq, Hello-q, Heel-oq, Helokhhhh (Dj Arc), Hel (hate it), Heloquino/a (o.O), H-ELO (heloq's electric light orchestra) but the
    hottest is HeloG :-)

    Thank you Bock

    1. Hahaha someday I will tell you all about how my own fairly simple name is mauled by residents.

      Thanks for the wonderful time yesterday, Heloq, it was a lot of fun!


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